Columbus, OH – January 18, 2010 – “In this economy, law firms are looking for alternative, more cost-effective ways to provide their services, while at the same time increasing their bottom lines. I can help firms do both,”says founder, Stacy Lilly.

The Law Office of Stacy N. Lilly specializes in assisting other attorneys and law firms with their litigation practices. Most recently with an Am Law 100 firm, Stacy offers the skills of a productive, experienced, well-trained attorney, without the cost or commitment of hiring a permanent, full-time employee. She works exclusively for law firms.

“With an uncertain economy, more law firms are opting to hire contract lawyers while they wait to see if the need for another associate will pan out,” reports Hannah Hayes for the American Bar Association. “Fueling this trend is a booming e-discovery industry coupled with uncertain economic times that find law firms hesitant to expand and looking for more cost-effective options.” Lawyer for Hire: Freelance Contractors Change the Marketplace, ABA Perspectives, Winter 2009.

Services offered by The Law Office of Stacy N. Lilly include legal research and writing, and litigation preparation and support. By utilizing her services, law firms can better manage their caseloads and free up their attorneys to work on matters in which they are more specialized, or for those projects that firm clients are willing to pay a higher hourly rate. Stacy is also available to serve as local counsel.

If you are looking for an innovative way to reduce your clients’ legal fees, need additional legal talent, or otherwise have a temporary need, The Law Office of Stacy N. Lilly would like to speak with you about the advantages of partnering together. Stacy is available on a project-by-project, temporary, or as needed basis.

For more information or media inquiries about The Law Office of Stacy N. Lilly, contact Stacy Lilly at (215) 561-0204 or You can also visit her website at