Cost Savings to the Law Firm and its Client

The cost savings realized by partnering with the Law Office of Stacy N. Lilly are twofold. First, because Stacy is an independent contractor, firms that retain her do not pay taxes, workers compensation, insurance, or provide any other employee-related benefits. Second, Stacy offers her services at a rate lower than what firms would typically charge for their full-time attorneys.

In November 2008, the American Bar Association acknowledged the benefits of such an arrangement in ABA Ethics Opinion No. 08-451: “Outsourcing affords lawyers the ability to reduce their costs and often the costs to the client to the extent that the individuals or entities providing the outsourced services can do so at lower rates than the attorney’s own staff. “

As a result, the law firm saves on overhead and increases profits by utilizing Stacy’s services and, at its discretion, may pass the savings on to the client. This fiscal advantage occurs without compromising the high quality service that clients demand, and the law firm is accustomed to providing.

Flexibility & Expanding Expertise

Stacy is available to handle temporary workload increases, fill staffing gaps due to leaves of absence or vacations, or assist with special projects outside a law firm’s areas of specialty. Therefore, law firms can easily expand and sub-specialize their workforce according to need without the expenses, hassle, or commitment of hiring permanent, full-time help.

Time Savings

The hiring and training of a permanent attorney is a lengthy and costly process. Stacy provides law firms with immediate, experienced help without losing the time associated with hiring and training full-time attorneys.

Furthemore, by utilizing Stacy’s services, law firms can better manage their caseloads and free up attorneys to work on matters in which they are more specialized or for those projects that clients are willing to pay higher hourly rates.


Stacy is directly accountable for every project and has a personal investment in the satisfaction of the law firm and its client. Law firms safely depend on Stacy’s dedication, professionalism, and work product.