What is a freelance attorney?

A freelance attorney, sometimes referred to as a “contract attorney” or “per diem attorney,” is an attorney who provides services to other attorneys or law firms on a non-employee/independent contractor basis.

Why choose a freelance attorney?

Whether you are looking for an innovative way to reduce your overall legal fees, need additional legal talent, or otherwise have a temporary need, I provide all the benefits of a productive, experienced, well-trained attorney without the cost or commitment of a permanent, full-time employee.

I am available to assist with sudden or unexpected influxes in your workload, provide supplemental staffing due to leaves or absence or vacations, or collaborate on special projects outside your areas of specialty. My goals include providing an opportunity for you to easily expand and sub-specialize your workforce according to need, without the expense, hassle, or commitment of hiring a permanent member to your staff.

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What kind of services does Stacy provide?

With more than ten years of commercial litigation experience – most recently with DLA Piper – I have developed excellent research and writing and litigation skills. I offer these skills to other attorneys and law firms on a project-by-project, temporary, or as needed basis.

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How does Stacy save me money and increase my profits?

I am an independent contractor. I am able to offer my years of commercial litigation experience without paying associated overhead costs. Your savings include the avoidance of income taxes, workers compensation, social security, Medicare, health insurance, professional liability insurance, or other employment benefits on my behalf. Not to mention the savings on office space, a secretary, or other law office perks.

In addition, you may also add a reasonable surcharge when billing your clients for my work. You earn a profit and your client’s legal fees are reduced. Meanwhile, you or your other attorneys can be working on other billable projects. This saves you time and increases your profits.

What are Stacy’s fees?

You can choose to receive services on an hourly rate or a flat fee. The rate or fee is determined based on the size, scope, and immediacy of the project. Please contact me to discuss your current needs and priorities.

Does Stacy have professional liability insurance?

Yes, I carry my own professional liability insurance coverage.

Does Stacy have a freelance legal services contract?

Yes. Click here to see a sample contract.

Does Stacy interact with my client?

No, I will not have contact with your client unless expressly instructed and authorized by you to do so.

What geographic area does Stacy serve?

I am available to assist attorneys nationwide.